First syntheses of ectomycorrhizas between Afzelia africana Sm. (Caesalpinioideae) and native fungi from West Africa



Afzelia-associated fungi in Senegal were isolated from sporocarps, sclerotia and ectomycorrhizas. The choice of sterilizing agent was critical for the success of isolation. Osmic acid was more efficient than mercuric chloride, hydrogen peroxide and calcium hypochlorite. Isolates were tested for their ability to form mycorrhizas in vitro and their mycelia in pure culture were described. Sclerotia linked to mycorrhizas of Scleraderma verrucosum Pers. were also isolated and their infectivity checked. Among isolates from sporocarps, only Scleroderma dictvosparum Fat. and S. verrucosum Pers. formed ectomycorrhizas with Afzelia africana Sm. Two native Amanita spp. and two introduced isolates belonging to the genus Pisolithus did not form typical ectomycorrhizas although a normal mantle was observed.