Book reviewed in this article:

Isozymes in Plant Biology. Ed. by D. E. Soltis and P. S. Soltis.

Genetic Aspects of Plant Mineral Nutrition. Ed. by N. El Bassam, M. Dambroth and B. C. Loughman.

Somaclonal Variation in Crop Improvement I. Volume 11 in the series Biotechnolngy in Agriculture and Forestry. Ed. by Y. P. S. Bajaj.

In Vitro Methods for Conservation of Plant Genetic Resources. Ed. by J. H. Dodds.

Plant Patholopy in Agriculture. By D. Parry.

Applied Plant Virology By D. Walkey.

Biology of the Red Algae. Ed. by K. M. Cole and R. G. Sheath.

British Plant Communities. Volume 1. Woodlands and Scrub. Ed. by J. S. Rodwell.

Temporal and Spatial Patterns of Vegetation Dynamics. Ed. by J. Miles, W. Schmidt & E. van der Maarlx.

Plant Form: An illustrated Guide to Flowering Plant Morphology By A. Bell.

Flora of South-eastern Queensland. Vol. 3. By T. D. Stanley and E. M. Ross.