Book reviewed in this article:

Plant Lipid Biochemistry structure & utilization. Ed. by p. J. Quinn and J. L. Harwood.

Algal, and Cyanobacterial Biotechnology. Ed. by R. C. Cresswell, T. A. V. Rees and N. Shah.

Plant Cell and Tissue Culture. Ed. by A. Stafford and G. Warren.

The Molecular and Cellular Biology of the Potato. Edited by Michael E. Vayda and William D. Park.

Mechanisms of plant perception and response to environmental stimuli (British society for plant growth regulation, monograph 20). Ed by T. H. Thomas and A. R. Smith.

Signal Perception and Transduction in Higher Plants. (NATO ASI Series H: Cell Biology, Vol. 47). Ed. by R. Ranjeva and A. M. Boudet.

Gibberellin. Ed by N. Takahashi, B. O. Phinney and J. Macmillan.

Chemistry of Plant Protection, Vol. 2. Degradation of Pesticides, Desiccation and Defoliation, Ach Receptors as Targets. Ed. by W. S. Bowers, W. Ebinu, G. Hang et al.

Plant Life Under Oxygen Deprivation. Ed, by M. B. Jackson, D. D. Davies and H. Lambers.

The Ecology of Mycorrhizae. By Michael F. Allen.

Microspores: Evolution and Ontogeny. Ed. by S. Blackmore and R. B. Knox.

Biostratigraphy of the Pleistocene deposits in Estonia and Correlations in the Baltic Region. By E. Liivrand.