A basidiomycete isolated from a Pisonia mycorrhiza forms sheathing mycorrhizas with transfer cells on Pisonia grandis R. Br.


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A basidiomycete isolated from a mycorrhiza of glasshouse-crown Pisonia grandis R. Br. (Nyctaginaceae) produced sheathing mycorrhizas with transfer ceils when inoculated on to roofs of Pisonia grandis in pots. Mycorrhizal synthesis was successful on Pisonia grandis in sterilized natural soil rich in phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium and calcium, but unsuccessful in a range of other substrates of low nutrient status. The same fungus produced ectomycorrhizas, with a sheath and some intercellular penetration, on short lateral runts of Picea sitchensis (Bong.) Carr (Pinaceae) seedling in growth pouches, but did not on Eucalyptus pilularis Smith (Myrtaceae).