Books reviewed in this article:

Wind and Trees. Ed. by M. P. Coutts and J. Grace

Seasonally Dry Tropical Forests. Ed. by S. H. Bullock, H. A. Mooney and E. Medina

Mushrooms: Poisons and Panaceas. By Denis R. Benjamin

The Significance and Regulation of Soil Biodiversity. Ed. by H. P. Collins, G. P. Robertson and M. J. Klug

Mineral Nutrition of Higher Plants. By Horst Marschner

Photoinhibition of Photosynthesis: From Molecular Mechanisms to the Field, Ed. by N. R. Baker and J. R. Bowyer

Polyphenols' 94: 17th International Conference on Polyphenols, Palma de Mallorca (Spain). Ed. by R. Brouillard, M. Jay and A. Scalbert