This article corrects:

  1. Evolution of leaf developmental mechanisms Volume 167, Issue 3, 693–710, Article first published online: 14 June 2005

New Phytologist 167 (2005), 693–710

Since its publication, the authors of Piazza et al. (2005) have brought to our attention corrections that need to be made to the text of their Tansley review. In Section II ‘Genetics of shoot development in simple-leafed model organisms’, the first paragraph should read ‘Extensive studies of mutants isolated in forward genetic screens have resulted in the identification of a number of key genes that control meristem and leaf development and the conceptualisation of genetic hierarchies in which these genes participate. Most of this work has been done in three model organisms: the eudicot Rosid Arabidopsis thaliana, the eudicot Asterid Antirrhinum majus and the monocot grass maize.’

We apologise to our readers for these mistakes.