This article corrects:

  1. Manganese accumulation in the leaf mesophyll of four tree species: a PIXE/EDAX localization study Volume 171, Issue 4, 751–758, Article first published online: 27 June 2006

New Phytologist 171 (2006), 751–758

Since its publication, the authors of Fernando et al. (2006) have brought to our attention that Fig. 2 was printed in black and white in error.

Figure 2.

Proton induced X-ray emission/energy dispersive X-ray analysis (PIXE/EDAX) manganese (Mn) and potassium (K) maps of leaf cross-sections made from cryo-fixed and freeze-dried samples of Gossia bidwillii (a, b), Virotia neurophylla (c, d), Macadamia integrifolia (e, f) and Macadamia tetraphylla (g, h). Note Mn sequestration in palisade mesophyll cell layers of all four species. The individual scales are qualitative representations of the relative intensity of the element being mapped in each case.

The corrected Fig. 2 is printed overleaf. The publisher would like to apologize for this error.