Table S1 Endogenous hormones in the junction of root and shoot of Ostil1 and the wild-type Nip

Table S2 Primers used for analysing the expression of known genes

Fig. S1 Phenotype of wild-type background OsNAC2 RNA-interfering transgenic lines. (a) Phenotype of wild-type and transgenic lines. (b) Quantitative RT–PCR analysis of OsNAC2 in the wild-type and RNA-interfering transgenic lines.

Fig. S2 Analysis of the relationship of OsNAC2 with known genes. (a) Yeast two-hybrid analysis for the interaction of OsNAC2 and OsTB1. (1) AD-OsTB1 + BD; (2) AD-OsTB1 + BD-OsNAC2 (1–154 aa); (3) AD-OsTB1 + BD-OsNAC2 (148–343aa); (4) positive control, AD-SV40 + BD-P53. (b) Semi-quantitative RT–PCR analysis of known genes involved in shoot branching between the mutant and WT plant.

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