Spatio-temporal quantification of differential growth processes in root growth zones based on a novel combination of image sequence processing and refined concepts describing curvature production


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Hanno Scharr
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  • • Differential growth processes in root and shoot growth zones are governed by the transport kinetics of auxin and other plant hormones. While gene expression and protein localization of hormone transport facilitators are currently being unraveled using state-of-the-art techniques of live cell imaging, the quantitative analysis of growth reactions is lagging behind because of a lack of suitable methods.
  • • A noninvasive technique, based on digital image sequence processing, for visualizing and quantifying highly resolved spatio-temporal root growth processes was applied in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana and was adapted to provide precise information on differential curvature production activity within the root growth zone.
  • • Comparison of root gravitropic curvature kinetics in wild-type and mutant plants altered in a facilitator for auxin translocation allowed the determination of differences in the location and in the temporal response of curvature along the growth zone between the investigated plant lines. The findings of the quantitative growth analysis performed here confirm the proposed action of the investigated transport facilitator.
  • • The procedure developed here for the investigation of differential growth processes is a valuable tool for characterizing the phenomenology of a wide range of shoot and root growth movements and hence facilitates elucidation of their molecular characterization.