Fig. S1 Genetic linkage map of Laccaria bicolor S238N genome.

Fig. S2 Electrophoretic profile of the co-dominant SSR marker 1205M12.

Fig. S3 Electrophoretic profile of rDNA IGS1 homo- and heteroduplices generated by the co-occurrence of the α and β haplotypes in the PCR mixes.

Fig. S4 Mapping of the region carrying the mating-type gene loci MATa (genes HD1 and HD2) and MATb (genes STE3.1, STE3.2, STE3.3).

Table S1 Sequenced-tagged markers excluded in the current genetic map (as a result of segregation distortion) and used for anchoring whole-genome sequence (WGS) assemblies on the genetic linkage map showed in Martin et al. (2008)

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