Fig. S1 Box-plot displaying the log ratio for the 10 replicates after within-slide normalization.

Fig. S2 Plot of the normalized M values for the five biological replicates.

Fig. S3 Expression graphs of the Arabidopsis genes belonging to each of the four clusters derived from the hierarchical clustering analysis.

Table S1 Oligonucleotides used for transcript quantification

Table S2 Analysis of re-sequenced unigenes

Table S3 Between-slide correlation of M after normalization for each of the 45 pairs of slides. NX1 and XN1 designate dye swap hybridization prepared with sample 1. The five biological replicates are numbered from 1 to 5. Correlations between the technical replicates are in bold

Table S4 Differentially expressed (DE) sequences between needles and xylem: sequence identifiers, annotation and microarray data

Table S5 Differentially expressed (DE) sequences between phloem and xylem: sequence identifiers, annotation and microarray data

Table S6 Annotation of the 229 Arabidopsis sequences matching the spruce xylem sequences; expression data for these Arabidopsis genes according to the AtGenExpress database

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