Fig. S1 Fourier frequency spectrum analysis of H+ (a, b), Ca2+ (c, d) and anion flux oscillations in the elongation zone of nonmycorrhizal (a, c, e) and mycorrhizal roots (ECM) of Eucalyptus globulus colonized by Pisolithus microcarpus (b, d, f).

Fig. S2 H+, Ca2+ and Cl (anion) fluxes (a, b, c) of the Clark solution without any biological material (Reference) and their respective Fourier analysis (d, e, f).

Fig. S3 (a) Interference on Cl activity detection by the Cl electrode (control) by further anions (, and ) present in quarter-strength Clark solution. (b) Calibration of Cl electrodes with different anions.

Fig. S4 Effect of different concentrations of gadolinium (Gd3+) on the sensitivity of Ca2+ electrodes (n = 5).

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