Table S1 Database accession numbers of sequences of Diversispora celata and its close relatives Glomus aurantium and Glomus eburneum

Methods S1 Soil and climatic conditions at the site of origin and establishment of trap and single spore cultures.

Methods S2 Additionally analysed living reference cultures of Diversispora celata, Glomus aurantium and Glomus eburneum.

Methods S3 Details of DNA extraction and PCR amplification.

Methods S4 Details of sequence alignments and phylogenetic analyses.

Notes S1 Spore and hyphal morphology of Diversispora celata, as recorded for multiple isolates.

Notes S2 Morphological determination of Diversispora celata sp. nov. and comparison with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi of similar spore morphology.

Notes S3 Pairwise nucleotide sequence identities and shared rDNA sequence variants within and among members of Diversispora.

Notes S4 References to Methods S1–S4, Notes S1–S3 and Table S1.

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