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  1. Molecular mechanisms of metal hyperaccumulation in plants Volume 181, Issue 4, 759–776, Article first published online: 15 January 2009

New Phytologist 181 (2009), 759–776.

Since its publication, the authors of Verbruggen et al. (2009) have brought to our attention that there is an error in Table 3(b), where the last three entries in the ‘Trait’ column should read CdT indicating cadmium (Cd) tolerance, as mentioned in the legend. The correct Table 3 is printed here.

Table 3.  Summary of quantitative trait loci (QTL) analysis
CrossTraitQTLLGLOD%PVETrait-enhancing allele
  1. (a) QTLs for zinc (Zn) or cadmium (Cd) accumulation in roots and shoots in crosses between plants from different Thlaspi caerulescens populations. Plants were grown in modified Hoagland's with 2 µM Zn and 5 µM Cd (LC × GA) or 10 µM Zn (LE × LC) (data from Assunção et al., 2006; Deniau et al., 2006). Co-locating QTLs have been marked with the same superscripted letters (LE, Lellingen; LC, La Calamine; GA, Ganges; S, shoot; R, root; PVE, percentage of phenotypic variance explained; LG, linkage group).

  2. (b) QTLs for Zn (Willems et al., 2007) and Cd (Courbot et al., 2007) tolerance in a BC1 backcross progeny of an Arabidopsis halleri ×  A. lyrata subsp. petraea cross (Ah ×Al). ZnT/CdT, Zn/Cd tolerance; further as above.

LE × LCZnRZnR134.621.7LE
LE × LCZnRZnR253.616.6LC
LC × GAZnSZnS1b16.014.7LC
LC × GAZnSZnS244.09.6LC
LC × GAZnSZnS377.418.1GA
LC × GAZnRZnR3b34.014.9LC
LC × GAZnRZnR4c68.554.4GA
LC × GACdSCdS1a35.523.8GA
LC × GACdRCdR1a37.39.6GA
LC × GACdRCdR2c68.733.1GA
Ah × AlZnTZnT1a36.512.2Ah
Ah × AlZnTZnT247.311.2Ah
Ah × AlZnTZnT364.55.6Ah
Ah × AlCdTCdT1a39.942.9Ah
Ah × AlCdTCdT244.523.7Ah
Ah × AlCdTCdT364.415.9Ah

We apologize to our readers for this mistake.