Methods S1 Additional information on plant material and crossings (please see the file ‘sm001.doc’).

Fig. S1 The expression of MAT genes, as well as LEA, is co-regulated. A. Average expression levels of MAT and LEA genes listed Table S1. Microarray data was extracted from AtGenExpress (Schmid et al., 2005) using AtGenExpress Visualization Tool ( Embryo stages are: stage 3, mid globular to early heart embryos; stage 4, early to late heart embryos; stage 5, late heart to mid torpedo embryos; stage 6, mid to late torpedo embryos; stage 7, late torpedo to early walking-stick embryos; stage 8, walking-stick to early curled cotyledons embryos; stage 9, curled cotyledons to early green cotyledons embryos; stage 10, green cotyledons embryos (please see the file ‘sm002.doc’).

Fig. S2 The AHG1 phosphatase represses the expression of MAT genes to a major extent than that of LEA genes. Average induction of MAT and LEA genes in mutant seeds germinating in 0.5 µM ABA, as compared to wild type Col seeds. Asterisk indicates that MAT genes are significantly more upregulated than LEA genes in ahg1 seeds (P = 0.05), but not in AHG3 seeds. Microarray data was extracted from Nishimura et al. (2007; Table S2). MAT and LEA genes are as in Table S1. Error bars, SE (please see the file ‘sm002.doc’).

Fig. S3 The VAL/HSI proteins selectively repress genes representing the MAT program, but not the LEA genes. Mean expression levels of MAT and LEA genes, as listed in Table S1, in 5 dai seedlings of wt Arabidopsis (Col) and of a double val1/val2 homozygous mutant (Suzuki et al., 2007). Microarray data was extracted from Suzuki et al. (2007). Error bars, SE (please see the file ‘sm002.doc’).

Fig. S4 Relative expression of genes used in this study. Microarray data was extracted from AtGenExpress (Schmid et al., 2005) as in Fig. S1. MAT genes peak at stage 5, LEA genes peak at stage 8. Embryo stages are as in Fig. S1. For clarity, values for ABI5 expression were reduced to one-third, 1/3x (please see the file ‘sm002.doc’).

Table S1 Representative genes of MAT and LEA programs, according to Parcy et al. (1994) (please see the file ‘sm003.doc’).

Table S2 Primers used in this study (please see the file ‘sm004.doc’).

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