Fig. S1 Normalized relative quantity (NRQ) of the HvPht1;8 gene in the arbuscular mycorrhizal inorganic orthophosphate (Pi)-uptake pathway in roots from nonmycorrhizal and arbuscular mycorrhizal plants.

Fig. S2 Normalized relative quantity (NRQ) of barley inorganic orthophosphate (Pi)-transporter genes HvPht1;1 (a) and HvPht1;2 (b) in the direct uptake pathway in roots of nonmycorrhizal plants grown at 120 and 20 mg P kg soil−1.

Table S1 Per cent colonization of barley grown in compartmented pots with no arsenic (As) (0–0) or As added to the soil at the rate of 2.5 mg kg−1 soil in the root hyphal compartment (RHC) (2.5–0), hyphal compartment (HC) (0–2.5) or both (2.5–2.5).

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