Methods Microarray analysis, qRT-PCR analysis, analysis of poplar Kunitz protease inhibitor (pKPI) proteins in insect gut.

Fig. S1 Amino acid sequence alignment of poplar Kunitz protease inhibitor (KPI) proteins.

Fig. S2 Schematic of stress treatment conditions.

Fig. S3 Schematic of the microarray hybridizationdesigns.

Fig. S4 qRT-PCR analysis of gene expression inindividual trees in response to mechanical wounding plus forest tent caterpillar oral secretions.

Table S1 Poplar genotypes used in this study

Table S2 Oligonucleotide primers used in qRT-PCRanalyses

Table S3 Poplar Kunitz protease inhibitor (pKPI)amino acid sequence identity matrix

Table S4 Allelic groups from various poplar genotypes

Table S5 Comparison of qRT-PCR analyses using pooledvs individual replicates

Table S6 qRT-PCR analysis of transcript abundance for 11 poplar Kunitz protease inhibitor (KPI) genes in response to FTC feeding, MW, OS and MeJa treatment

Table S7 Gene models found adjacent to a Kunitz protease inhibitor (KPI) onpoplar linkage groups (chromosomes), as shown in Fig. 1

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