Fig. S1 Photographs of adult Vaccinium elliottii in upland and bottomland habitats.

Table S1 Habitat-based differences in light intensity

Table S2 Habitat-based differences in soil moisture content and soil bulk density

Table S3 Habitat-based differences in soil fertility and percentage organic matter

Table S4 Phenotypic traits measured in the field and glasshouse experiments

Table S5 MANOVA assessing the effects of habitat of origin (H), transplant environment (Env), and life history stage (L) on carbon isotope ratios (δ13C) and foliar N content (%N)

Table S6 MANOVA assessing phenotypic traits of individuals in the glasshouse experiment

Table S7 Baseline ecophysiological data, recorded in September 2006, before the initiation of the glasshouse experiment

Table S8 Univariate ANOVA results of phenotypic traits measured in the glasshouse experiment

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