Fig. S1 Phenotype of wild-type dark-grown seedlings before (45 h after induction (hpi) and 48 hpi) and after (52 hpi and 55 hpi) the growth acceleration of the hypocotyl.

Fig. S2 Isoxaben treatment triggers the internalization of GFP-CESA3 both before and after the growth acceleration.

Fig. S3 Transcriptome analysis: experimental design and overview of the results.

Fig. S4 Over-represented gene categories among the genes that were differentially regulated during the 45-55 h after induction (hpi) interval.

Table S1 Differentially expressed genes during the time course and upon isoxaben treatment

Table S2 Validation by quantitative reverse transcriptase PCR (Q-RT-PCR) of 30 differentially expressed genes during the 45-55 h after induction (hpi) interval

Table S3 Downregulation of ribosomal protein genes during the 45-55 h after induction (hpi) interval in dark-grown hypocotyls

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