Fig.  S1  Photographs of larval leafminers collected from three tomato genotypes.

Fig.  S2  Liriomyza huidobrensis performance on three tomato genotypes.

Table  S1  The mean number of larvae (mean ± SEM) per plant used in different experiments

Table  S2  Presence of volatile compounds released from undamaged plants (UDPs) and L. huidobrensis larvae-damaged plants (Lh-LDPs) of three tomato genotypes

Table  S3  Presence of volatile compounds released from 0.5% alcohol-treated plants (ALPs) and jasmonic acid-treated plants (JAPs) of three tomato genotypes

Table  S4  Statistical analysis of total volatile emissions among genotypes or between the undamaged and leafminer-infested plants, or between 0.5% alcohol-treated (jasmonic acid (JA) controls) and JA-treated tomato plants

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