Fig. S1 Bayesian phylogenetic tree of respiratory burst oxidase homologue (RBOH) amino acid sequences in Viridiplantae.

Fig. S2MtRboh gene expression analysis in different plant tissues.

Fig. S3 Simultaneous MtRbohA expression and Sinorhizobium meliloti localization in nodules.

Fig. S4 Morphological analysis of control and MtRbohA RNAi nodules.

Fig. S5 Nitrogen fixation activity in 3SS::MtRbohA RNAi nodules.

Table S1 Respiratory burst oxidase homologue (RBOH) protein sequences used for the phylogenetic analysis

Table S2 Primers used for quantitative real-time PCR analysis and for MtRboh promoter cloning

Table S3 MtRBOH protein sequence similarities

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