Fig. S1 Unrooted phylogenetic tree of plant Pht1 transporters.

Fig. S2 Structure of the eggplant and tobacco Pht1;3, Pht1;4 and Pht1;5 promoters.

Fig. S3 Functional analyses of the conserved MYCS and P1BS motif involved in mycorrhiza-regulated activation.

Table S1 Inverse PCR primers used for Pht1;3, Pht1;4 and Pht1;5 promoters amplification

Table S2 Primers used for RT-PCR amplification

Table S3 Primers used to generate the Pht1;3, Pht1;4 and Pht1;5 promoter deletion series

Table S4 Primers used to generate pSmPT4-174-M and pNtPT5-199-M with MYCS knockout and that of pNtPT4-267-P1BS-mu with P1BS mutation

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