This article corrects:

  1. New insights into the mycorrhizal Rhizoscyphus ericae aggregate: spatial structure and co-colonization of ectomycorrhizal and ericoid roots Volume 188, Issue 1, 210–222, Article first published online: 2 July 2010

New Phytologist188 (2010), 210–222.

Since its publication, the authors of Grelet et al. (2010) have brought to our attention that there are errors in the names of two fungal isolates (GT02P1 and GT03V1) in their paper. The two isolates have now been deposited in the University of Alberta Microfungus collection and herbarium (UAMH) culture collection: GT02P1 is UAMH 11265 = Isolate F = GT02V1; GT03V1 is UAMH 11266 = Isolate Hc = GT03P1. In Table 1 and Fig. 3, GT02P1 should read GT02V1 and GT03V1 should read GT03P1.

We apologize to our readers for these mistakes.