Fig. S1 Detection of MPK4 (Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase 4) promoter activity in PromMPK4:GUS transformed Arabidopsis roots.

Fig. S2 Survey of cytokinetic features of control root tip cells of the Columbia (Col-0) wild type in comparison with the mpk4 mutant in semithin sections stained with toluidine blue.

Fig. S3 Survey of mitotic/cytokinetic microtubule (MT) transitions as visualized by tubulin immunolabelling and DAPI (4′,6-diamidino-2-phenylindole) staining of nuclei in mitotic root cells of Arabidopsis thaliana Columbia (Col-0) wild-type plants.

Fig. S4 Bi- and multinucleate cells in the anp2anp3 (Arabidopsis homologue of nucleus and phragmoplast associated kinase) and mpk4 (and mitogen activated protein kinase) mutants.

Fig. S5 Stills from a film of a dividing cotyledon cell of anp2anp3 (Arabidopsis homologue of nucleus and phragmoplast associated kinase) possessing five distinct preprophase bands (PPBs).

Fig. S6 Stills from a film of an anp2anp3 (Arabidopsis homologue of nucleus and phragmoplast associated kinase) cotyledon cell undergoing synchronous bimitosis with two partially merged spindles.

Fig. S7 An example of spindle and phragmoplast fusion in a dividing multinucleate cotyledon epidermal cell of the anp2anp3 (Arabidopsis homologue of nucleus and phragmoplast associated kinase) mutant (see Video S4).

Fig. S8 Control showing no specific MPK4 (mitogen activated protein kinase) immunolocalization in roots of the mpk4 mutant.

Fig. S9 Immunoblot analysis to determine the specificity of the anti-pERK (phosphorylated Extracellular Signal Related Kinase) antibody.

Fig. S10 Co-localization of microtubule associated protein of 65 kDa−1 (MAP65-1) with microtubule (MT) arrays controlling division plane orientation and cytokinesis in intact Arabidopsis thaliana root cells.

Video S1 Video corresponding to Fig.  4.

Videos S2 Two videos (a, b) corresponding to Fig.  5(b).

Video S3 Video corresponding to Fig.  6(b).

Video S4 Video corresponding to Fig.  S7.

Video S5 Video corresponding to Fig.  8(b).

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