Fig. S1 Nucleotide sequence alignment of the amplified and reported GmGα4 gene along with its duplicated gene pair GmGα1.

Fig. S2 Amino acid sequence alignment of GmGβ proteins.

Fig. S3 Amino acid sequence alignment of GmGγ proteins.

Fig. S4 Evolutionary relationships of Gα proteins.

Fig. S5 Evolutionary relationships of Gβ proteins.

Fig. S6 Syntenic relationship between genes.

Fig. S7 Expression of soybean G-protein genes under various stress conditions.

Fig. S8 Nucleotide binding and competition assay of GmGα1 (A) and GmGα3 (B) proteins.

Fig. S9 Amino acid sequence alignment of Arabidopsis GPA1 (AtGPA1) and moss Gα (PpGα).

Table S1 An inventory of heterotrimeric G-proteins in different plant species

Table S2 Gene-specific primers used for amplification, expression analysis and interaction studies

Table S3 Absolute copy number quantification and primer amplification efficiency test of soybean G-protein genes

Table S4 An analysis of cis-regulatory elements present in the 2 kb upstream region of G-protein genes

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