Inactivation of the ELIP1 and ELIP2 genes affects Arabidopsis seed germination


Author for correspondence:
Paola Vittorioso
Tel: +39 06 49912922


  • Light regulates Arabidopsis seed germination through the phyB/PIL5 (PHYTOCHROME INTERACTING FACTOR 3-LIKE 5) transduction pathway, and we have previously shown that the Dof transcription factor DOF AFFECTING GERMINATION1 (DAG1) is a component of this pathway.
  • By means of microarray analysis of dag1 and wild type developing siliques, we identified the EARLY LIGHT-INDUCED PROTEIN1 and 2 (ELIP1 and ELIP2) genes among those deregulated in the loss-of-function dag1 mutant.
  • We analysed seed germination of elip single and double mutants, of elip dag1 double mutants as well as of elip1 elip2 dag1 triple mutant under different environmental conditions.
  • We show that ELIP1 and ELIP2 are involved in opposite ways in the control of this developmental process, in particular under abiotic (light, temperature, salt) stress conditions.