Fig. S1In vivo kinetic properties of nucleoside hydrolase activity in Arabidopsis thaliana leaf material.

Fig. S2 Multiple sequence alignment of three ribonucleoside hydrolases, RihA, RihB, and RihC, of Escherichia coli and the two nucleoside hydrolase (URH) isoforms of the nonredundant proteome of Arabidopsis thaliana using CLUSTAL 2.0.12.

Fig. S3 RNA expression of nucleoside hydrolase 1 (URH1; At2g36310) and URH2 (At1g5620) according to GENEVESTIGATOR.

Fig. S4 Expression of nucleoside hydrolase (URH) genes in urh mutants.

Fig. S5 Nucleoside and nucleobase salvage pathways for purines and pyrimidines.

Fig. S6 Nucleoside hydrolase activity of recombinant nucleoside hydrolase (URH) proteins.

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