Fig. S1 Plot of coefficient of variation (CV) of technical replicate measurements against mean rosette area.

Fig. S2 Screenshots of the annotation tool.

Fig. S3 Power analysis plots.

Table S1 Phenotype data collected for wild-type (WT) and sex4-3 and grf9 mutant lines over the five experiments

Table S2 Development times for sex4-3 and wild-type (WT) as determined with ANOVA

Notes S1 Phenotype data collected for wild-type (WT)and sex4-3 and grf9 mutant lines over the five experiments, in R data format.

Notes S2 An R script for linear mixed-effects modeling of total rosette area data (to be used with Notes S1).

Notes S3 A complete listing of fitted model parameters and standard errors from the linear mixed-effects models for sex4-3, grf9 and wild-type (WT).

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