Fig. S1 Amino acid sequence alignment of AtLrgB with orthologues from various species.

Fig. S2 Diagnostic PCR analysis for detection of T-DNA insertion in the AtLrgB gene.

Fig. S3 Phenotypes of the atlrgB-1 mutant plants grown in soil.

Fig. S4 RT-PCR analysis of the expression levels of transgenes in the complementation experiments.

Fig. S5 Chloroplast ultrastructures of variegated cotyledons from the atlrgB-1 mutant.

Fig. S6 Detection of the transcripts of the ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase (AP) genes in wild-type (WT), atlrgB-1 and 35S:AtLrgB plants by real-time RT-PCR.

Fig. S7 Phenotypes of seedlings growing on B5 media with different glucose contents for 2 wk.

Table S1 PCR primer sequences used in this study

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