Fig. S1 Site locations and wind-speed histograms for weather stations across the study region.

Fig. S2 Biplot of principal components analysis.

Fig. S3 Projected frontal area for shoots at rest vs 11 m s−1 and 22 m s−1.

Fig. S4 Length of bending moment arms for shoots at rest vs 11 m s−1 and 22 m s−1.

Fig. S5 Diagrams showing (a) scaling of stress against stem diameter for average bending moment, and (b) affect of streamlining efficacy (v) on changes in drag with increasing wind speed.

Table S1 Species sampled in each site, grouped by mature canopy position and ordered by estimated abundance

Table S2 Variance and loadings of variables on first four principal components

Table S3 Species traits

Notes S1 Background theory for tissue material properties and relative resistance to bending and breaking in woody shoots.

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