Fig. S1 The complementary experiment of osarf25.

Fig. S2 Zn, Mn, Mg, Cu and Ca concentrations in leaf and root.

Fig. S3 qRT-PCR analysis for genes related to Fe response in WT and osarf12 under Fe deficiency.

Table S1 Morphological analysis of WT and osarf mutants

Table S2 Primer sequences of OsARF12 and OsARF25 genes

Table S3 Primer sequences for identification of osa-miRNA167d overexpression

Table S4 Primer sequences for auxin influx transporter, OsAUX and efflux transporter, OsPIN gene families

Table S5 Primer sequences for auxin efflux transporter, OsPGP gene family

Table S6 Primers sequences for auxin synthetase genes OsYUUCA

Table S7 Primers sequences for expression of genes related to short roots

Table S8 Primers sequences for gene expressions related to Fe signal

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