Fig. S1 Distribution of the density of expression intensities for the complete microarray dataset before and after removal of datasets flagged as outliers.

Fig. S2 Heat map of 5009 microarray expression profiles. Average-linked hierarchical clustering dendrogram of all RMA-normalized ATH1 arrays clustered by microarray experiments in columns and probe sets in rows.

Fig. S3 A heat map representing the breadth of expression of α-duplicate pairs in the nine core tissues.

Table S1 List of α-duplicate pairs identified by TAIR ID.

Table S2 α-Duplicate pairs mapped to corresponding probe sets on Affymetrix ATH1 array platform.

Table S3 Gene lists of functional categories of α-duplicate pairs.

Table S4 α-Duplicate pairs with assigned CNS counts and total CNS length.

Table S5 List of known transcription factor motifs found in CNSs.

Table S6 CNS count correlation with α-duplicate pair gene co-expression after A/M filtering.

Table S7 CNS count correlation with α-duplicate pair combined expression intensity after A/M filtering.

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