Fig. S1 The phenylpropanoid and monolignol biosynthesis pathways.

Fig. S2PvMYB4 gene variants in switchgrass.

Fig. S3 PtMYB4 binds to AC elements in a yeast transcription system.

Fig. S4 The PQ-rich motif does not possess transcriptional activation activity.

Fig. S5 Overexpression of PvMYB4 alters phenylpropanoid metabolism in transgenic tobacco plants.

Fig. S6 Genomic DNA PCR and qRT-PCR analysis of PvMYB4-OX transgenic switchgrass.

Fig. S7 The S : G ratio of PvMYB4-OX transgenic switchgrass.

Fig. S8 PvMYB4-OX transgenic switchgrass has smaller vascular bundles and thinner tillers.

Fig. S9 Estimation of total dry biomass yield for PvMYB4-OX transgenic switchgrass.

Fig. S10 qRT-PCR analysis of flavonoid biosynthetic gene transcripts in PvMYB4-OX transgenic tobacco.

Table S1 Sequences and references for the gene-specific primers used in this work

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