Fig. S1 Treatment of GFP-NtKCH/RFP-FABD2-expressing tobacco BY-2 cells with cytoskeleton drugs.

Fig. S2 GFP-NtKCH localizes to the phragmoplast of BY-2 cells.

Fig. S3 Time-lapse series of stable GFP-NtKCH/RFP-FABD2 co-expression in BY-2 cells during cytokinesis.

Movie S1 GFP-NtKCH exhibits dynamic movement on cortical microtubules (cMTs).

Movie S2 Inward directed movement of GFP-NtKCH along radial filaments.

Movie S3 Directionality of NtKCH along phragmoplast microtubules observed in GFP-NtKCH cells.

Movie S4 Stable expression of GFP-NtKCH and RFP-FABD2 in a BY-2 cell from metaphase until the end of cytokinesis.

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