Fig. S1 Multiple sequence alignment of Aurora kinases and domain graph of Arabidopsis thaliana Aurora1 kinase.

Fig. S2 Aligments of amino acid sequences of plant and human Aurora kinases.

Fig. S3 Cytokinesis and arrangement of cortical microtubules were affected in roots of RNAi seedlings.

Fig. S4 Ploidy level distribution in Aurora RNAi seedlings.

Fig. S5 Localization of AtAurora1 on cortical microtubules of cell suspension cultures of Arabidopsis thaliana.

Fig. S6 Negative controls for the colocalization analysis of AtAurora1 and AtTPX2 (targeting protein for Xklp2).

Fig. S7 Silver-stained SDS-PAGE of samples from the taxol-driven microtubule polymerization experiment.

Fig. S8 AtAurora1-RFP kinase was copurified with AtTPX2 (targeting protein for Xklp2)-GFP.

Fig. S9 Time-lapse images of localization of the truncated version of AtTPX2 (targeting protein for Xklp2) (AtTPX2ΔN-GFP) in Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings.

Fig. S10 AtAurora1-RFP and AtTPX2ΔN-GFP colocalization in Arabidopsis thaliana cells.

Fig. S11 Immunofluorescence localization of AtAurora1-GFP kinase and the cytokinesis-specific syntaxin KNOLLE (Syntaxin of Plants 111) during telophase in Arabidopsis thaliana cultured cells.

Video S1 AtAurora1-GFP localization during cell division in cultured cells of Arabidopsis thaliana.

Video S2 Colocalization of AtAurora1-RFP and AtTPX2 (targeting protein for Xklp2)-GFP during cell division in cultured cells of Arabidopsis thaliana.

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