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Fig. S1 Bayesian clustering results of nuclear DNA (nDNA) markers obtained using either Structure or TESS.

Fig. S2 Plot of chlorotypes on the first two axes of canonical analysis.

Fig. S3 Distribution of among-sample pairwise genetic distance at nuclear DNA (nDNA) loci as a function of the pairwise genetic distance at chloroplast DNA (cpDNA) loci.

Fig. S4 Present and past geographic range of Arabidopsis halleri in Europe.

Table S1 Locations of sampled populations of Arabidopsis halleri and sample sizes for chloroplast DNA (cpDNA) and nuclear microsatellite analysis

Table S2 Distribution of chlorotypes in samples, subgroups and groups

Table S3 Genetic diversity indices at nuclear DNA (nDNA) and chloroplast DNA (cpDNA) loci for each sample

Methods S1 Analysis of variance testing the effect of chlorotype composition on genetic composition at nuclear loci.

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