Fig. S1 Genomic sequences of SpSNAP33 and SpSYR1.

Fig. S2 Multiple nucleotide sequence alignments of StSNAP33-1 and StSYR1-1.

Fig. S3 StSNAP33-1 and StSYR1-1 localize to the plasma membrane in onion epidermal cells.

Fig. S4 Cosilencing of both StSNAP33 and StSYR1-homologous genes by the RNAi approach.

Fig. S5 Free salicylic acid (SA) and salicylic acid glucoside (SAG) concentrations in individual plant lines.

Fig. S6StPR1-expression in StSNAP33- and StSYR1-RNAi lines of different age.

Fig. S7 Infection experiments with P.  infestans and B.  cinerea (individual plant lines).

Fig. S8 Enhanced cell death response in StSNAP33- and StSYR1-RNAi plants upon infiltration of bacteria.

Table S1 Identity comparisons (%) of StSNAP33-1 and StSYR1-1 with homologous proteins

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