Fig. S1 Electrostatically-attached PVDF disks as an alternative optical marker system.

Fig. S2 Effect of smoothing length measurements on growth kinematic profiling.

Fig. S3 Surface plots of REGRs and LOWESS-predicted growth kinematic profiles for 24 plants.

Fig. S4 Tagged plants placed within plant-specific growth restraints and chamber.

Fig. S5 Illustrations of growth imaging chamber.

Notes S1 Script for all calculations and plotting of growth kinematic data.

Video S1 Tagging of 1 complete plant with ~15 paper rectangles for growth analysis within the imaging chamber.

Video S2 Video depicting the process of feature tracking plants in ImageJ. This video covers (1) import of image series into ImageJ, (2) tracking reference marks, L/R tag/plant intersection points, and plant apex, and (3) export of data to tab-delimited format (for R analysis). Although created on an Apple MacBook Pro (OS X 10.6), the procedure is the same for ImageJ in Windows.

Video S3 Video depicting the harvesting of segments bounded by tags. This video begins with the removal of a plant from its restraint, and subsequent sequential excision of 16 segments from top to bottom over the course of approx. 10 min. Harvesting time may vary according to the time involved in preserving tissues. In this case, tissues were immersed in fixative within PCR tubes for morphometric analysis, and the lowest 3 segments bounded by tags were omitted to harvest a 0.5cm segment at the base of the stem as the 16th segment (most mature).

Video S4 Video rendering of an image series of cell outlines used to calculate cell length. The outlining was performed in ImageJ using the ROI function.

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