Fig. S1 SHORT ORGAN 1 (STN1) increases cell proliferation.

Fig. S2 Molecular characterization of the SHORT ORGAN 1 (STN1) gene.

Fig. S3 Alignment of the Arabidopsis thaliana G protein γ subunit (AGG3) sequence with the Brassica rapa BrAGG3 protein.

Fig. S4 Phylogenetic tree of G protein γ subunit (AGG3) homologs.

Fig. S5 Alignment of the Arabidopsis thaliana G protein γ subunit (AGG3) sequence with rice (Oryza sativa) GRAIN SIZE 3 (GS3) and DENSE AND ERECT PANICLE1 (DEP1) PANICLE ERECTNESS (qPE9-1) proteins.

Fig. S6 Expression levels of Arabidopsis thaliana G protein γ subunit (AGG3) and BrAGG3 in transgenic plants.

Fig. S7 GUS activity of ProAGG3:GUS and ProCYCB1; 1:CDB-GUS petals.

Fig. S8 GFP fluorescence in GFP-AGG3 and GFP-AGG3Δ108−125 lines.

Fig. S9 GFP-AGG3Δ108−125 proteins were detected in the membrane fraction.

Fig. S10 Molecular characterization of gpa1-101 and agb1-2 mutants.

Fig. S11 Overexpression of G protein β subunit (AGB1) or G protein α subunit (GPA1) could not complement the petal size phenotype of agg3-2.

Fig. S12 Increased organ size in 35S:GFP-AGG3 is dependent on functional G protein β subunit (AGB1) and G protein α subunit (GPA1).

Table S1 List of primers used in this study

Table S2 Phenotyes of wild-type and agg3 plants

Methods S1 Morphological and cellular analyses.

Methods S2 GUS staining.

Methods S3 Protein extraction and western blot.

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