Fig. S1 Sensitivity analysis of the model M.3.

Fig. S2 Data handling, example of genotype CML444.

Fig. S3 Calculation of parameter values for models M.3, M.2b and M.0 in the maize hybrid ‘Dea’.

Fig. S4 Analysis of the sensitivity of the information criterion (ΔBIC, a,c) and supplemental error (ΔCV, b,d) to changes in temperature responses. BIC, Bayesian information criterion; CV, coefficient of variation.

Fig. S5 Effect of previous high or low temperature on leaf elongation rate at 20°C.

Fig. S6 F-test between the different nested models in four species.

Fig. S7 Correlation between model parameters and the optimum temperature in 18 species.

Table S1 Goodness-of-fit evaluation of the different models considering one species (maize, rice or wheat) or four species

Table S2 Spreadsheet with parameters and temperature response functions for the 17 crop species and Arabidopsis thaliana

Methods S1 Calculation of optimum temperature from parameters of Eqn 2.

Methods S2 Fitting version of Eqn 2 after normalisation at 20°C.

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