Fig. S1 Distribution of times taken from one cell to the next for the standard set of model parameter values.

Fig. S2 Plots showing the time taken from one cell to next, tt as the filament proportion, fp, and the delay, d, vary.

Fig. S3 Plots showing how mean and standard deviation and probability density functions for time taken from one cell to the next, tt, vary with different fixed number of particles per transporters, npr.

Fig. S4 An auxin input function of a fixed shape scaled by different fixed amounts to show the predicted effects of changes in auxin input amount on long-distance transport.

Notes S1 Additional information on modelling.

Movie S1 Dynamics of both endogenous and exogenous radio-labelled auxin within a pea stem, simulated with the compartment model.

Movie S2 Visualization of dynamic intracell model of auxin particles moving through cells.

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