Notes S1 Sclerodermatineae taxa, GenBank IDs and character state assignments for ancestral host analysis. Detailed methodology for the assignment of host character states.

Notes S2 Sclerodermatineae host association references and methods of host association determination.

Notes S3 Bayesian ITS phylogenies for Astraeus, Calostoma, and Pisolithus and discussion of these results.

Notes S4 Molecular dating analysis part 1 results.

Notes S5 Sclerodermatineae host families, their ages, and references.

Notes S6 Dispersal-extinction-cladogenesis (DEC) analysis ancestral range probabilities for Sclerodermatineae groups.

Notes S7 Dataset for molecular dating analysis part 1.

Notes S8 Sclerodermatineae data set for host switching analysis performed using parsimony.

Notes S9 .xml file for molecular dating analysis part 1.

Notes S10 .xml file for molecular dating analysis part 2.

Notes S11 Concatenated python scripts for dispersal-extinction-cladogenesis (DEC) analysis. Four scripts representing: (1) restricted model/two-area constraint, (2) restricted model/three-area constraint, (3) relaxed model/two-area constraint, and (4) relaxed model/three-area constraint.

Notes S12 NEXUS file for analyzing character state evolution and host switching in the Sclerodermatineae using parsimony.

Notes S13 Results of the boreotropical hypothesis test in the Sclerodermatineae using parsimony and the supertree data set.

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