Fig. S1 Quantitative and semiquantitative RT-PCR analyses confirms the down-regulation of SGT1, SKP1, RAR1, RBX1 and CUL1c gene transcripts in the silenced plants of Nicotiana benthamiana.

Fig. S2 Effect of SGT1, SKP1 and RAR1 gene silencing on cell division.

Fig. S3 Transient expression of GFP by particle bombardment in NbSKP1 and NbSGT1 silenced and TRV::00 inoculated leaves of Nicotiana benthamiana.

Fig. S4 Agrobacterium attachment to cut root ends of mutants and wild-type Arabidopsis.

Table S1 Validation of few selected SCF genes that showed differential gene response following Agrobacterium infection in the Arabidopsis whole-genome array by qRT-PCR

Table S2 Root tumorigenesis assay in Arabidopsis sgt1b (eta3) and sgt1a mutants and their respective wild-types

Table S3 Germ line transformation in the different mutant backgrounds

Table S4 List of the primers used for cloning the ORFs for gene silencing, validating the down-regulation of the endogenous gene transcripts in the gene silenced plants and for validation by qRT-PCR used in this study

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