Fig. S1 Subcellular localization of MtCAS31 (Medicago Truncatula cold-acclimation specific protein 31).

Fig. S2 Subcellular localization of Mt7g083900.1.

Fig. S3 Phylogenetic tree depicting relationships among ICE1-like proteins from Medicago truncatula and the ICE (inducer of CBF expression 1) family from Arabidopsis.

Fig. S4 Multiple sequence alignment of ICE1-like proteins from Medicago truncatula and AtICE1 from (Arabidopsis thaliana inducer of CBF expression 1) from Arabidopsis.

Fig. S5 Responses of stomatal apertures to ABA.

Fig. S6 Expression of AtCOR15A (Arabidopsis thaliana COLD-REGULATED 15A), AtCOR47 and AtRD29A (Arabidopsis thaliana RESPONSIVE TO DESSICATION 29A) in wild-type and transgenic Arabidopsis after PEG-8000 treatment for 0 and 6 h.

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