Fig. S1 The expression levels of RAP2.2 in the wildtype, ctr1, etr1 and ein2 plants.

Fig. S2 The identification of the T-DNA insertion mutant rap2.12-1.

Fig. S3 Root lengths of the wild-type, rap2.2-3, rap2.12-1, rap2.2-3 rap2.12-1 and ein2 mutants under 10 μM ACC treatment.

Fig. S4 Hypocotyl (a) and root (b) lengths of ctr1, rap2.2-3 ctr1, rap2.12-1 ctr1, rap2.2-3 rap2.12-1 ctr1 and the wildtype plants after 3 d incubation in the dark.

Table S1 Primers for quantitative RT-PCR

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