Table S1 Population difference in floral, plant and reproductive traits of three populations of Penstemon digitalis flowering in a common garden

Table S2 The mean decrease in accuracy produced by removing a particular compound from the three Random Forest models comparing each population to a pooled category of the other two populations

Table S3 Predictor volatiles that distinguish each population of Penstemon digitalis from the other two based on local collections

Table S4 Complete set of phenotypic selection coefficients of Penstemon digitalis floral traits

Table S5 Pearson correlation coefficients among the phenotypic traits of Penstemon digitalis

Table S6 Pearson correlation coefficients among the seven volatiles under phenotypic selection in Penstemon digitalis as well as floral pigmentation and total scent

Notes S1 Detailed methodology of volatile collection, analyses and variation.

Notes S2 Phenotypic selection analyses using principal components.

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