Fig. S1 Fine root survivorship curves for 12 temperate tree species grown in a common garden in central Pennsylvania, USA.

Table S1 Life history traits of 12 temperate tree species used in a common garden in central Pennsylvania, USA

Table S2 Coefficient of variation (%) within three genera (Acer, Pinus, and Quercus) and across all 12 species for median lifespan, diameter at breast height (DBH) at 10 yr, wood density, and observed root diameter

Table S3 Pearson’s correlations between root and plant traits

Table S4 Five best candidate models predicting fine root lifespan based on diameter at breast height (DBH) at 10 yr, observed root diameter (Diam), root respiration, root carbohydrate content, N : C ratio, root tissue density, and Ca content

Table S5 Parameter estimates for models 1 and 2 displayed in Fig. 2

Notes S1 Variable justification

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