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Fig. S1 Detection of the copy number of Rht-D1b in Aibian 1 and Aibai/CS NILs by TaqMan PCR

Fig. S2 The genetic and physical maps of Rht-D1c locus, and its micro-collinearity between wheat and rice.

Fig. S3 Southern blot to detect the copy number of transgenic Rht-D1b in transgenic Bobwhite plants following by HindⅢ and EcoRV digestion.

Fig. S4 Phenotypes and Rht-D1b expression levels in T1 transgenic rice plants.

Fig. S5 Mechanism of the greater than 1 Mb tandem segmental duplication involving Rht-D1b.

Table S1 Collinear genes between rice and wheat in the greater than 1 Mb segment

Table S2 BAC insert sizes

Table S3 Heights of T1 transgenic rice lines

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