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Fig. S1 Phenotypic measurements of the single spore lines over two successive generations.

Fig. S2 Relative allele frequencies of the Bg112 locus over three generations of single spore lines.

Table S1 Mean ± 1SE of the relative fluorescence used to compare the relative frequency of the different alleles shown in Fig. 2

Table S2 Percentage of the variance explained by the different factors of random one-way univariate ANOVA (using REML) on the two principal components encompassing the relative allele frequencies of the four alleles of isolate C3 at the locus Bg112

Table S3 Results of ANOVAs on the two principal components of the allele frequencies

Table S4 Results of one-way ANOVAs on the two principal components of the allele frequencies at the G3 generation, performed separately on each set of single spore lines (SSLs) that share the same G2 parent

Table S5 Results of ANOVA on the phenotypic traits

Notes S1 Establishment of three generations of single spore lines (SSLs).

Notes S2 Testing the reproducibility of allele frequency measurements at the Bg112 locus.

Notes S3 Phenotypic measurements and analysis.

Notes S4 Molecular analysis: principal component analysis, correlations between pairs of alleles and Mantel tests.