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Fig. S1 Map of binary vector pAGW560 used for transformation of Arabidopsis and Populus.

Fig. S2 Effect of white light (WL) treatment on the expression of candidate Populus shade response genes.

Fig. S3 qPCR analysis of the candidate shade response genes.

Fig. S4 Number of genes identified as being significantly up-regulated (> 3 loge2-fold) or down-regulated (< −3 loge2-fold) after 1 and/or 4 h of low R/FR light treatment.

Fig. S5 qPCR validation of transgenic Populus deltoides lines overexpressing PdPHYB1 (PHYB1OE) or PdPHYB2 (PHYB2OE), or both (PHYB1B2OE).

Fig. S6 Amino acid sequence alignment for predicted Populus trichocarpa PHYB1 and PHYB2 with Arabidopsis thaliana PHYB protein.


Table S1 List of primers used to clone P. trichocarpa (Pt) and P. deltoides (Pd) phytochromes

Table S2 Details of genes used in qPCR and RT-PCR analysis

Table S3 List of the transcripts identified by 454-analysis Populus trichocarpa leaf cDNA after no (control) or 1 h (PtPhy1) or 4 h (PtPhy4) of WL + FR light treatment

Table S4 qPCR validation of 454-analysis

Table S5 List of genes identified by 454-analysis as being up-regulated > 3 loge2-fold after exposure to WL + FR light

Table S6 List of genes identified by 454-analysis as being down-regulated < −3 loge2-fold after exposure to WL + FR light